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     The Jewish Network

    Why Do you Believe?          What Do you Believe?             How Do You Believe?              Who Do You Believe? 
    Feasts of the Lord is a “Feature Series” that in preparation of an upcoming Feast is posted to prepare and to study.
    Passover is Coming;  


    The Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus is Soon; 
    Easter Season is upon us.
    “What You Do and How You Do It Is Between You and God”
    We at the Jewish Network  present information for study and revelation of Jesus. This includes sometimes traditonal practices by Jew and Gentile alike; Christian and not. Our purpose is to inform of the facts of all these “traditions” and/or “practices” not so a person can cause division, strife, hardship or headache when all should look to Jesus to resolve these facts into a viable solution for yourself and your family in God; but rather; we would see people learn to see how Jesus walks in the midst of His People even if they do not yet Know Who He Is. It is our prayer, all would disccover Messiah and be saved.
    This isn’t Messianic or Jewish or Christian.
    It is Information to help you uncover and discover a personal realtionship with God our Father.
    That is done through Jesus his Son. 
    The Rest is Up to You.



    Preparing for Passover 
    When is Passover in 2011? 
    Passover in 2011 will start on Tuesday, the 19th of April 
    and will continue for 7 days until Tuesday, the 26th of April. 
    Note that in the Jewish calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, 
    so observing Jews will celebrate Passover on the sunset of Monday, the 18th of April.



Preparing for Passover 
Zola Levitt








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