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The Last Generation Network News Report

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“Tuesday is News Day”


News From World Watch Daily

Christian News


US blocks Britain, France, Germany initiative to restart stalled Israeli-Palestinian talks. ‘It wasn’t right time,’ says US official

Christian News

Israel claims anti-tank missile Korent involved in terror attack originates from Russian factory. Official: ‘It was smuggled into Gaza with Syria, Iran’s help’

A diplomatic crisis is threatening Israel-Russia relations after the Kornet, a Russian-made anti-tank missile, hit an Israeli school bus driving near Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council last Thursday.

Israel protested the fact that a Russian missile found its way to Hamas and was used for a terror attack against Israel, Yediot Ahronot reported.



Defense officials: Conflict with Hamas likely to escalate


Christian News


IDF sources predict cease-fire will be limited in time; soldiers to remain on high alert along Gaza border; despite caution, on first day of shaky truce, thousands of trucks carrying goods allowed into Gaza.




‘Koenig’s Eye View from the White House’ – Friday, April 8: 
Israel’s ‘leftist’ in the political, media and defense establishments are rapidly leading country towards the final battle for Jerusalem … Convergence of 11-year and 17-year cycles and Israeli peace negotiations in 2011 … Could there be a geo-political/terror/war “event” in 2012? … Multiple major Iranian news events during every April since 2006



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In this week’s ‘Koenig’s Eye View from the White House’ – Friday, April 8: Israel’s ‘leftist’ political, media and defense establishments … Convergence of 11-year and 17- year cycles and Israeli peace negotiations in 2011


In this week’s ‘Koenig’s Eye View from the White House’ – Friday, April 1: 
How the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other Washington think-tanks have led the Middle East towards Armageddon … The squeeze play on Israel … and much more


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Featured News 

EU foreign ministers impose 
oil embargo against Gadhafi – 
Deutsche Welle

Israel speeds up third Iron Dome 
battery in wake of Gaza attacks – 

UN says PA ready to govern 
state – Ynet

New Gaza flotilla ‘must be 
stopped,’ Israeli PM says – 
Hurriyet Daily

Turkey detains 40 al Qaida, 
Hezbollah suspects – J’lem Post

Poll: 51% in US oppose unilateral 
creation of Palestinian state – 

Settler council: Netanyahu’s West 
Bank pullout plan radiates 
panic – Haaretz

Arab bid for no-fly zone 
on Gaza – Ynet

Strong earthquake hits Japan, 
no tsunami warning issued – 
Jerusalem Post
Latest News 

Afghanistan: U.S. servicemen 
killed in first drone friendly-fire 
incident – Telegraph

Syrian opposition says 
200 killed in protests – 
Jerusalem Post

Wall St tumbles one percent 
on oil’s drop – Reuters

Former Egyptian President 
Mubarak in Hospital – Fox

Space exploration remains 
priority for Russia, Medvedev – 

France says NATO not fulfilling 
its role in Libya – Deutsche Welle

Belarus Tightens Security After 
Subway Blast – NY Times

Mayoral recall drives go viral 
in cities across the U.S. – 
USA Today

Gadhafi military hurt, but pr


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