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The Last Generation Network News Report

“Your Digital News Flash”

“Tuesday is News Day”


News From Christian Examiner

     China arrests nearly 200 Christians in Beijing over public worship attempt
China’s abuse of religious freedom, which often takes place behind the scenes, was on display for the entire world April 10 when approximately 200 members of an unregistered Protestant church were arrested

PHOTO: Police in Beijing force members of Shouwang Church into a bus on Sunday (April 10). © Jbron | Dreamstime.com)


  ‘Soul Surfer’ makes a splash as this year’s ‘The Blind Side’
Bethany Hamilton has an extraordinary story to tell. Working hard to enter the ranks of professional surfing, by the age of 13 she already had a sponsor. But her life was shattered one morning in 2003. Out in the water, on a beautiful day, she was attacked by a 15-foot-long tiger shark.
China increases persecution against Christians for fifth straight year
The Chinese government intensified its pressure against Christians in 2010 for a “fifth straight year of escalating persecution,” according to ChinaAid Association.
Court rules to protect professor’s religious speech
A federal appeals court ruled that a Christian professor’s speeches and writings are protected by the First Amendment.
Governors encouraged to participate in National Day of Prayer
Governors across the U.S. are being urged to participate in the National Day of Prayer and ignore threats from activist groups that claim participation in the day is unconstitutional.
Supreme Court hands school choice big win
In a major victory for supporters of school choice, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand an Arizona law that gives tax credits for contributions to private organizations that fund religious school scholarships.
Easter ad rejected by national movie theater chain
A Calif. church hoping to promote its upcoming Easter services through multi-screen advertising at local theaters had its ads pulled because the content included the name of Jesus. (Click here to watch ad)

Japan diaster
‘Not done weeping yet,’ missionary in Japan says
Japan — “Disaster” says it all. Missionaries and volunteers are finally able to distribute relief goods in Ishinomaki, Japan, this week after two weeks of attempting to gain access to the quake-stricken areas.
• Japan Disaster Relief Organizations
Christians minister to physical, spiritual needs in decimated Japan
Even as major Christian humanitarian organizations begin to distribute essential supplies to the region, concerns have centered on the vast spiritual needs of the country, where the number of Christians is estimated to be less than 1 percent.
How to talk to kids about tragedies, disasters
In this information age, children will likely see disturbing news footages of disasters and parents need to be equipped on how to talk to their children about such tragedies.
Biblical illiterancy
New blog to tackle biblical illiteracy
A new blog has launched a blog for those who cannot attend seminary. Designed as a free education and public forum platform, the blog will be written entirely by seminary faculty and maintained by 30 professors.
Author promises women hope of ‘a younger you’ in 31 days
After having three babies and two miscarriages during six years in her mid-30s, Arlene Pellicane had plenty of first-hand experience with a changing body. She made the decision to focus on health.

    Malaysian Christians seek to end restrictions on Malay Bibles
Christian importers of Bibles that Malaysian officials detained are balking at conditions imposed for their release.
    Judge exonerates jailed evangelist in Bangladesh
A judge this week exonerated a Christian sentenced to one year in prison for selling and distributing Christian literature near a major Muslim gathering north of this capital city, his lawyer said.
    Perspective…       National news videos…        
Chuck Colson   So much for truth in advertising
Abortion and African Americans
A billboard was put up at the corner of Watts and Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The passersby were greeted by the image of a lovely, little black girl in a pink dress beneath the caption, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”
Charles W. Colson
Prison Fellowship
Mark Larson   Despite disasters, unrest, look carefully to see JOY in this world
Recent news events such as the disaster in Japan seem to make being a Christian more difficult, even awkward. How often has someone asked you, “Why does a loving God allow these horrible things to happen?” 
Mark Larson
Radio Talk Show host
  Is Christianity a dominant and oppressive religion?
According to a so called “non-discrimination” policy at the University of California Davis, Christianity is a culturally dominant and oppressive religion. The policy defined is as “The loss of power and privilege to those who do not practice the dominant culture’s religion…”
Dean R. Broyles
Western Center for Law & Policy
  Inspirational videos…
Cape Town 2010
Reconciliation – Human Trafficking Video
Ka, a young Cambodia girl, suffers the humiliation and indignity of being a sex-worker – yet God is able to restore life to a heart without hope.
Timeless Truth
Happiness — Billy Graham

    Other news…            
Banned Commercial
Did It Really Happen? Easter At The Bren 2011
QR codes & smartphones make for smart ministry
Technology researchers reported that smartphone shipments surpassed PC shipments in the past quarter. Now some ministry leaders are getting the call to create smart phone outreach using mobile websites and bar code scanners.

Oprah Winfrey   Oprah’s Gospel
Entertainment mogul preaches ‘many paths’ to God

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