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Omega Observer Perspective

America in Prophecy, Part 1

Peggy Noonan, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and former assistant to President Ronald Reagan has written,

“I think a lot of [Americans] are carrying around in their heads, unarticulated and even in some cases unnoticed, a sense that the wheels are coming off the trolley and the trolley off the tracks…That our pollsters are preoccupied with ‘right track’ and ‘wrong track’ but missing the number of people who think the answer to ‘How are things going in America?’ is ‘Off the tracks and hurtling forward, toward an unknown destination.’”

Teaching the course American Church History to undergraduates last year, I was amazed at how Christianity influenced America’s history. Sure, I’d known – and referred to – America as a “Christian nation,” referencing the faith of some of our most important founding fathers and their inclusion of “God” into our nation’s foundational documents. Still, I didn’t know how deeply entrenched biblical faith was into our country’s origins until I was responsible for teaching a course on it.

Funny how that works.

With that insight in mind, I was struck when at a press conference in Turkey last year, President Barak Obama said,

“One of the great strengths of the United States is . . . we have a very large Christian population – we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.” 

View the clip to hear it for yourself.

Christians and conservatives criticized the president for these comments, but I have to agree with him. What America was, it no longer is. Yet, while the president praises America for this change in its core values, many Christians lament it.

So if America was a Christian nation, and today it has (at least the perception of) religious and moral neutrality, what does its future hold?

Nations Mentioned in Biblical Prophecy

The Bible mentions several nations in prophecy. Many are from the Middle East, the epicenter of biblical prophecy such as Israel, Jordan (called “Ammon,” “Moab,” and “Edom”), Iran (“Persia”), Iraq (“Babylon”), Saudi Arabia (“Sheba and Dedan”), Lebanon (“Tyre”), and Syria. The continent of Africa has nations mentioned, too, especially in its north east like Egypt, Sudan (“Cush”), and Libya (“Put”). Asia also has countries mentioned like Greece and Turkey. Europe is also mentioned in prophecies concerning the reunification of the Roman Empire.

But what about America?

Could the only remaining world superpower entering the 21st century, which has the Bible woven into the fabric of its history, be left out of prophecy? Surprisingly, the answer is “yes.” As confusing as it might initially seem, America is simply not mentioned in the Bible. Allow me to support my answer with some of the best end times’ scholars who have ever lived.

Ron Rhodes:

“My assessment is that America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy at all. Using proper hermeneutics and sound exegesis, I cannot find America in any verses so often suggested by prophecy buffs.”

David Jeremiah:

“Indeed, no specific mention of the United States or any other country in North or South America can be found in the Bible.”

Mark Hitchcock:

“As much as we desire to know about America’s future from Bible prophecy, we have to face the fact that our nation is not clearly referred to.”

Tim LaHaye:

“One of the hardest things for American prophecy students to accept is that the United States is not clearly mentioned in Bible prophecy, yet our nation is the only superpower in the world today.”


Some Bible-reading, Jesus-loving Christians, do find America in prophecy. In the next article in this series, I will respectfully disagree with them by examining the passages in which they allege America is foreseen. After that, I will explore what might happen to America before the end times in attempt to better understand the nation’s exclusion from the biblical prophecy.




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