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Omega Letter Perspective

Jack Kinsella

The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest 
Vol: 115 Issue: 7 – Thursday, April 07, 2011

Glenn Beck Says Bye

Yesterday Fox News’ host Glenn Beck announced that he will be leaving his program at some point this year.   I was kinda surprised, but then, not really all that much when you think about it.

Consider, for example, the way the “Christian” Science Monitor framed the story of his departure:

“The show, called “Glenn Beck,” had seen a precipitous decline in ratings over the last year, and Mr. Beck’s departure was not unexpected. Not long ago, the populist rabble-rouser of the right and self-described “rodeo clown” was flying high. . .”

Gee, do you think the “Christian” Science Monitor has an opinion about Glenn Beck?  I wonder what it might be. . . .?

The CSM certainly seems to have a real hate on for Glenn Beck, if the tone of the stories about him are any indication.  If one follows the links, one can find where the CSM outlines all the things that Glenn Beck has in common with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

First, the CSM finds that Assange is an anarchist. An anarchist is to government what an atheist is to religion – an idiot dedicated to the theory of order out of chaos.  Anarchists oppose all forms of government, offering chaos as the only acceptable alternative.

Secondly, the CSM declares that Julian Assange is a revolutionary, citing his belief that personal liberty is severely threatened by government secrets. 

But at no point in the CSM piece did the writer demonstrate where Julian Assange had anything in common with Glenn Beck. 

Or, did the CSM inadvertently leak the media’s Big Secret?

Glenn Beck is neither an anarchist nor a revolutionary.  He doesn’t oppose government – he opposes dishonest government.  Julian Assange is an anarchist.

Julian Assange leaked highly classified secrets dangerous to the national security of the United States.  Assange’s stated reason for leaking them was to weaken the United States government.

Glenn Beck cites historical facts and public records to expose politicians and political agendas that are themselves dangerous to the national security of the United States. 

None of Beck’s information is either stolen or leaked and the purpose is to expose those whose agendas weaken the United States government.

The ceremonially-named “Christian” Science Monitor failed to point out what it is that Julian Assange actually DOES have in common with Glenn Beck, because that would reveal the media’s Big Secret.

Have you noticed that the one thing that nobody accuses Assange of?  NOBODY says he was making anything up. They can’t because Assange has the documents to prove it all

And that is the ONE thing Assange actually has in common with Glenn Beck.  


The “Christian” Science Monitor isn’t alone in seeking out ways to creatively express their joy (or is it relief?) at Glenn Beck’s announced departure. The New York Daily News noted that, “in explaining his departure, Beck compared himself to Paul Revere.”

So Beck isn’t just a liar with anarchistic tendencies, he also suffers from delusions of grandeur.  Liberal commentator Bill Press called Beck ”an unstable man with a poisoned tongue.” 

That one made me chuckle. Bill Press a classic example of Liberal Derangement Syndrome, writing about Beck’s poisoned tongue?  Press provides a perfect example of genuine instability and word poisoning, finding a way to blame Beck for the actions of some deranged guy in Oakland.

(Press had nothing but praise for the union leaders in Madison Wisconsin, and NOTHING to say at all about the deranged teachers who were calling for the deaths of GOP lawmakers.)

If one continues on through the liberal fog machines, one finds that the REAL reason Beck is leaving Fox is because his ratings are, depending on the source, “collapsing” “tumbling” and are in “free fall.”  

Beck’s ratings ARE down — from 2,781 from last quarter to 1,939 to this quarter. Wow.  Maybe the liberal media’s hints that Fox really fired Beck because he has no audience might be true.  Let’s see.

Comparing Beck’s 1,939 share to CNN’s 726, MSNBC’s 679, Headline News’ 180 and CNBC’s 216 – all in the same time slot, the conclusion that Beck is being forced out by Fox because he has no audience is as honest an assessment as anything else one can expect from the liberal media.

In other words, a demonstrable, deliberate and conscious lie. 

Back in 1997 I was commissioned to ghost-write a book called “Blood, Money and Greed” about how the economy really worked.  I didn’t know much about the Money Trust when I started, but when I finished researching it all, I still couldn’t believe what I had learned. 

I was amazed when nobody took it apart after it was published.  Those reviewers that could ignore it did, and those that couldn’t made polite comments without actually endorsing the contents, but NOBODY challenged the facts contained therein.  

So I was astonished the first time that Beck laid out the same series of facts about the money trust, the Rothschild European banking cartel, the Federal Reserve and how crooked the whole thing was – it was EXACTLY the same thing – but here was some guy saying it out loud on network television – and nobody was challenging his facts, either.

Nobody COULD challenge the facts because the facts speak for themselves.

So instead, millions of Americans began coming together in a spontaneous, grass-roots way to demand that the special interests and the money cartel restore the government to the people, eventually forming the Tea Party.

That is exactly what I would have expected to happen in response to the revelation of the existence of the Money Trust Cartel.  But as the Tea Party’s power began to grow, hard times started to hit – and in some quarters, they hit hard.  

The liberal mainstream (owned by GE, Disney, AOL/Time-Warner, Ted Turner, George Soros and their various foundations) managed to demonize and blame the revelators, (Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, etc.) for exposing the true cause of America’s precipitous decline.

So, why is Beck leaving his program?   It isn’t because he doesn’t have an audience. It is because to this generation, if the truth hurts, then the truth doesn’t matter. 

So instead of reacting to the takeover of American government by the vested interests of the money trust, the majority reacted to Beck’s antics, his penchant for crying, his religiousity in general or his Mormonism in general.

In Glenn Beck, there is something for everybody to dislike.  Because the truth hurts.  And that is the point here.  Not Glenn Beck, or his religiousity or his Mormonism.

Glenn Beck isn’t the embodiment of truth – Glenn Beck is simply a guy who stumbled onto some of it and was in a position to share it with a wide audience. But the truth about how the system has been hijacked is too painful.

That is exactly the principle upon which the system of the antichrist is founded.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12)

When the truth hurts, people get tired of hearing it. So why is Beck pulling out?  He hinted at it the other day. 

“Soros,” he mused. “Again. It’s getting boring.”




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