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God is not bound by Islam, Many now in Islam will see His salvation

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A world war between the pseudo Christian West and Muslims becomes inevitable if Muslims are not soon converted to Christ in large numbers. In both true Christianity and pseudo Christianity there are those denying the possibility of salvation for most people living in Islamic nations. Nevertheless, God is not handicapped by Islam or any other world religion. God is not bound by Islam. Many in these religions will soon be saved by God’s grace in spite of their evil leaders.

God undoubtedly will even save some that now have freedom within their own fake Christianity. God is not a respecter of world religions or their leaders. He will save everyone on earth that He determines will be saved.

Some think that Islam is the Harlot of Revelation and/or the Beast of Revelation and so they almost totally write off 1.5 billion people from ever even hearing or receiving the gospel of salvation. The Muslim Antichrist proponents promote the idea that those in Islam are hopelessly lost even if they do not outright say so. When they make Islam the Beast and the Mahdi the Antichrist they are really saying that all Muslims will be following the Antichrist. That is the main reason why I am so against this false doctrine that is now spreading in Bible prophecy forums and among pseudo Christian “apocalypse now” pushers.

The Bible does not teach salvation is to those that live in the West and damnation is to those that live in the Middle East. The Bible clearly says that the gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to every nation as a witnesses before the end even comes. Nobody is going to go into the Beast Antichrist system blindly. At that point in time, all will make their own choice to accept or reject the truth that God gave them about Jesus. Those that choose to reject Jesus will believe Satan’s lie (2Th 2:11).

Most in Islam today have not been given that choice. Most do not know about the Savior at all. Their Jesus is just a prophet. The Islamic Jesus did not die for our sins on the cross and their Jesus is not the Son of God. One day sooner or later they are going to hear the truth. For our own sake we ought to try to make that day sooner.

People are being reached for Christ in Muslim nations even now and they are also being reached on college campuses in America. For the most part Muslims are not opened to the message because hearing it and possibly accepting it will cost them everything. They are aware that if they publicly gave up Islam they would lose their families and even be killed. Contrast the reality they live under with the easy believism in Western Christianity. How many in America would even admit to being a Bible believing Christians if doing so labeled them as a threat and disqualified them from buying a firearm?

Some Christians are denying that God can reach Muslims because they broad-brush everyone in Islam as being evil and part of the Beast system of Revelation. Hate against those bound in religion is playing the Devil’s game. The rules say the outcome is predetermined to even create more hated. I think most bound in Islam will soon be given a chance to hear the gospel even before the Beast/Antichrist arrives on the scene.

Exactly how people in Islam will get to hear the truth I am not sure about, but I am sure it will happen. There is quite a lot going on behind the scenes in Iran by the resistance and some of that is Christian based. Don’t be shocked when the present evil leaders in Iran are overthrown and Christians in Iran have a window to let their light shine to those that do not know Jesus.

The million dollar question is will that window for the gospel to be preached come in through war or peace? I suppose in part it will come through a Arab war against Israel with a subsequent Arab defeat that opens the door to missionaries that will give critical aid to the defeated Arab people.

Also, keep in mind that with modern communication devices people in this world cannot be kept from information much longer. All the information anyone needs for salvation can be found through the Internet. If Muslims can use the Internet and cell phones to set times for protests they can also use them to access Christian truth. Once the information is accepted by some it will spread to others. In our age the truth can spread like a virus as fast as a lie.

In this new era when information can spread all over the world in minutes something could happen that could cause a tipping point and deflate Islam as a false religion in weeks. For example, a divine intervention in a war against Israel might just do the trick or even a new archeology find.

In any case, God is not bound or handicapped by Islam or any other world system or religion. He knows just how He will reach the world about the good news of His Son and I fully expect Him to do that before the end comes. God is not just going to leave out his grace to over three billion people born in the 10 x 40 window because tyrants and control freaks have suppressed the truth there. God will deal with this evil in His own timing.

So how can you prepare for the time when God opens up the Middle East and Far East? If you are young learn their languages and plan on using mass communications or whatever else God is calling you to do. There are tens of thousands of Muslim foreign students attending our colleges and Universities. They are the future leaders of the nations from which they were sent.

There are Christian organizations being set up as an outreach to these students, you might check them out and work with them. If you are a student yourself or a neighbor of a Muslim student, you might befriend a Muslim and help him or her see that you are a human being with values and faith in God (if you don’t qualify forget it).

If you are older and have the means, you might support missionaries to Islamic nations. Also support is needed for full time missionaries on our campuses. Missionaries today most often have to spend much of their time going from church to church  to raise money for support and they usually have to do it on Sunday evenings or on a weeknight when typical church attendance is low. When they are traveling around the country raising support for themselves they cannot be doing their missionary work. Christians need to take it upon themselves to support missionaries that they know and trust are doing a Godly mission.

The souls you now save by working to bring the good news to Muslim people might even save your own physical life or the life of a  family member or friend sometime down the road and the reward for helping in saving souls will be eternal.



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