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Adar Bet 28, 5771, 4/3/2011

Bible Codes: The Messiah in 2012?

by Tamar Yonah

The horrors of history, the highs of humanity, they can all be found embedded in the Torah (Bible) Codes.  Bible codes are Hebrew letters making up words which are found in equidistant sequences encoded in the Torah.  The words they form can appear in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even backwards directions and sometimes intersect each other, giving greater connective strength to a code.

On April 3rd, I interview(ed) Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an Israeli who is an expert in the Torah codes, and has authored over 25 books on different Torah topics, Jewish Mysticism, and other Judaic topics.   

If you check out his website and videos at: www.glazerson.comyou will see some of the various historic or other news-shaking events that he has found in the Torah such as the following topics:

*Gadaffi’s Defeat In Bible Codes

*Syrian Dictator, Bashar al-Assad’s Downfall

*The Japan Tsunami and Redemption 
*The Slaughter of the Fogel Family in Itamar last month

  • Those are just a few, as visiting his website will show you codes which show dozens of other events, including  the Gaza Flotilla, U.S. president Obama, and even a threat to the world by Korea.  To ask him questions, phone into the show at:  1-800-270-4288 at Sunday April 3rd at 3:30pm (8:30am Easern/NY time).  Or listen on Archive later when the show has been uploaded to our archive page: www.IsraelNationalNews.com/Radio/ 

Will the Moshiach (Messiah) come next year in 2012?


Torah code proponents know that one cannot predict the future with Bible codes because every future possibility is already encoded into the Torah.  It is up to the free will of Mankind as to which future will materialize, therefore one may find a code that could portend an upcoming event, but it may or may not happen, and therefore, Torah codes should NOT be used to foretell events.  However, it can be used to show when events could be RIPE to happen.  Below is such a venue.

There is one event that most all of Mankind is waiting for, and that is the arrival of the Moshiach (Messiah). I will be asking Rav Glazerman about a video he put up showing the possibility of the Moshaich coming in almost exactly one year’s time from now, next Passover, 2012.  In this video below, he shows the time could be ripe for just such an event.  

Will it happen?  No one knows.  We’ll have to wait until next year to either laugh or cry.

For more topics and videos showing recent events coded in the Torah, see his additional website here which focuses more intensely on these matters.  http://torahcode.us/  




There will be more people; Jewish, Islamic, Mormon, Scientist, Christian, Cultist, Historians; you name it and it will probably make “BECK” and the History Channel and Discovery that “2012” MIGHT BE the Day “Christ Returns.”

It won’t be.

Let me the not the first, nor the last, but 2012 won’t be the year because it IS frankly too predictable. It will be a Year of added hype.

Every Earthquake, typhoon, naturtal disaster and manmade will get more “airtime” than ever before and crack posts and opportunists will be everywhere always using careful words like “indicate” “could be” “it is reported” ‘might seem to indicate’ and many other vague hype.

Lets be clear. NO.

Won’t happen in 2012 but it will burn out people on End TImes and Eschatology. That is when the Real Countdown Begins.

AFTER 2012 you should be ready Every Year after that. You are on borrowed time and though it won’t be 2012, it can and will happen AFTER THAT.


Jesus will come again.


We are starting a Series Soon called the Marathon 2012. It is a “call to start the final leg” of the marathon of the jesus generation and get running because Yes! Jesus is Coming!


But not in 2012


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