[The Classic Christian Network] The Biblical Christian Digital Network: UP Da…

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized


For the Week-End

  1. Sunday on Monday posts will be appearing early and expanding
  2. Network Home sites will have subscription and email accounts posted
  3. The Classic Christan Network will launch Sunday
  4. A TAB or LINK with the word “UP Dates” will have these updates
  5. A TAB or LINK will have a “Instructions” Page on each site EXPLAINING HOW to use the Labels/keywords/TAGS to find the “WEEKLY” post or individual post you are looking for.
  6. ALL Devotionals will be Posted in a ONCE a WEEK FORMAT that will be 7 DAYS of devotional material on one post appearing MONDAYs. (the Instructions tab on the web sites will explain HOW TO find the Weekly post on the Web site.
  7. Starting Next Week some of the DAILY POSTS will begin to appear again  



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