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Supposed Thorn from Jesus’ Crown of Thorns on Display in British Museum

“It is an incredible object and we are really delighted that it will form part of the British Museum exhibition. It is a priceless treasure.” -Jan Graffius

(United Kingdom)—The Daily Mail has offered a fascinating look into the history of a supposed Christian relic now in display at the British Museum in London in an exhibit called “Treasures of Heaven.”

Jesus' thornAs noted in the report, the original Crown of Thorns was said to have been seized from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade (around 1200 AD) and later sold to King Louis IX of France when he was visiting Venice, Italy. King Louis reportedly kept the crown in Saint Chapel where individual thorns were broken off of it and given to family members as gifts. (Photo: Daily Mail) 

Mary, Queen of Scots, was one of those family members and, ultimately, it was she who took the thorn given her to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Following Mary’s execution in 1587, the thorn was passed to her servant, Thomas Percy. Percy’s daughter later gave it to a Jesuit priest in 1600, who, in turn, kept it in safe-keeping at Ribble Valley College.

As seen in a photograph of the protected thorn, it has been preserved with a strand of pearls, owned by Mary Queen of Scots, twined around it.

Jan Graffius, curator at Stonyhurst, said: “It is an incredible object and we are really delighted that it will form part of the British Museum exhibition….(more)


One Veteran’s Act of Kindness Restores a Huge Loss for a Military Family

“I don’t even know what to say—’thank you’ isn’t enough.” -Trista Miller (Federal Way, WA)—”My whole world came crashing down,” says Trista Miller of the morning she and her husband Robert, an Army Specialist, woke up to find their moving van with everything in it, and their car had been stolen….(more)


Disabled Surfing Champ Bethany Hamilton on “I Am Second”

“I wake up every day and [try to] honor God in everything that I do and I may fall short sometimes, but all I want to do is love Him.” -Bethany Hamilton In October 2003, 13-year-old surfing star Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack. Now 21, Hamilton is featured on a new I Am Second video giving her testimony….(more)


Announcing “The March of Remembrance 2011”

Christian groups, large and small, will hold their own March of Remembrance observances in cities all over the world on May 1, 2011. A special “March of Remembrance” on the DC Mall will be held on April 30th and—the following day—many will participate in various marches of remembrance around the country….(more)


Can Someone be Saved on an Atheist’s Website? This Man Was

“Science and philosophy do not have the answer to everything. If you are willing to listen with an open mind and an open heart and just say ‘perhaps I do not possess all the truth,’that is an act of humility and I know that God never rejects or ignores acts of humility….(more)



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