[The Classic Christian Network] TUESDAY ARE: News Reports

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Last Generation Network News Report

Due to the Nature of Growth and the Challenges of Volume, (AND OLD AGE) We will go immediately to the New Format of WEEKLY postings per day and FOCUS POSTS on each Day. SUNDAY ON MONDAY hit over 5k again and wiped out the Network so Mondays will stay with that Format, TUESDAYS ARE News Days now and we will post from all our News Service and development on Tuesdays. SUNDAYS We post the WEEKS WORTH of devotionals, but currently have no real way to daily repost links so One Post from GREG LAURIE or LEADRSHIP will have 7 Days of material from now for SUNDAY-SATURDAY format read. 7 in a post of 1. Daily Devotions in this New Format will expand also as we get caugh up.





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