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“The Last Generation Network News Report”

Profiles in Ministry

News is always in the perspective of the one reporting and subject to interpretation.

This is especially true in Christan and Prophecy News.

Always treat this material as opinionated and not necessarily as fact.


Rapture Ready is an Evangelical Christian site founded by Todd Strandberg in 1995, dedicated to the idea that the Rapture will soon occur, and that non-Christians should be warned.[1]The site tracks the real-world occurrence of events prophesied in the Bible, and uses these to calculate what it sees as the approach of the Rapture.[2]

The site began as an index of weekly updates posted in newsgroups such as alt.bible.prophecy and alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now. In 1995, the newsletter moved to its first web format, and it was known as the “Rapture Index” until 1997. At the time of its launch, the site only had seven articles – later it would have over 18,000.

In 2003, prophecy author Terry James joined the Rapture Ready staff. Rapture Ready has been featured by the news media, both in the United States and in Europe, in print, such as inRolling Stone, Newsweek, New York Times, Playboy, on television news channels including CNN, and in Robert Lanham‘s book The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right.




“The Last Generation Network News Report”

Profiles in Ministry

The Last Generation Network News Report

“Your Digital News Flash”

News From Rapture Ready

 This Series is presented daily as a reliable Morning Report of the Digital New Flash Service. 

For the most part it is Generic; Brief, and handles the news in a professional way. Rapture Ready News is to be prayed ofr and cared for by all those who enjoy the minsitry it provides to Jesus and the Body of Christ as a whole. 


Focus is placed on all the News Services and “special attentioin” is paid to develop, refine, promote and post as well as exand services in the Last Generation Network News Report, The Digital News Flash Service, and Biblical Christian Digital Network and all hosting web sites on “the Biblical Christian Network”.




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