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News From 

Christian Headlines


Top Headlines [xml]

  • PETA: Don’t call animals ‘it’ in the Bible – CNN
  • Most Evangelicals Blame Disasters on End Times, Poll Finds – Christian Post
  • Sending a bit of mercy a world away – Houston Chronicle
  • Founder of Creation Museum banned from convention – Lexington Herald-Leader
  • District officials yank Buddhism from class – WorldNetDaily
  • A Beautiful Mind? 12-Year-Old Boy Genius Sets Out to Disprove Big Bang | The Blaze
  • Who’s in Hell? Pastors’ Criticism of Eternal Torment for Some Sparks Fierce Debate – Fox News
  • 5 Iranian Christians to Face Trial for Blasphemy – Christian Post
  • Mission group spends Spring Break in Dulac – Houma Courier
  • Anti-gay church plans to picket Taylor’s funeral – E Online
  • New census milestone: Hispanics to hit 50 million – AP

  • Japan – Disaster News and Relief Efforts [xml]

  • Japanese face radiation risks on two fronts – Los Angeles Times
  • In quake-torn Japan, a baptism is celebrated – Baptist Press
  • Japan Earthquake, Tsunami: Divine Retribution, or Natural Disaster? Religious Debate – ABC News
  • Japan missionaries relocate, vow to return – Baptist Press
  • Japan’s disaster toll rises to 18,000 deaths – AP
  • Disaster pushes Japanese beyond secular thinking – Baptist Press
  • 90 Tons of Aid Sent to Sendai in ‘Jesus’ Name’, – Christian Post
  • Anglican Bishop in Japan: Parishioners Still Missing – Christian Post
  • Japan Tsunami Survivors Helped by Local Church Network – Christian Post
  • Uncertainty in Japan opens faith door – Mission Network News
  • Japan nuclear crisis: Japan nuclear plant likely has a dire breach, U.S. nuclear officials say – Los Angeles Times
  • Nearly Half a Million Japanese in Shelters, as DeathTolls Rise – New York Times
  • Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume – New York Times
  • Prayer Concerns [xml]

  • Activists vanishing in China – AP
  • 5 Iranian Christians to Face Trial for Blasphemy – Christian Post
  • ‘More than 100 killed in Syrian anti-government rallies’ – Reuters
  • Japanese face radiation risks on two fronts – Los Angeles Times
  • A walk on the seamy side, to help exploited girls – Miami Herald
  • Japan’s disaster toll rises to 18,000 deaths – AP
  • As Haiti’s Presidential Election Wraps, Officials Fear More Turmoil – National Journal
  • Courts [xml]

  • Target Sues San Diego Gay Rights Group – AP
  • Former church bookkeeper sentenced for stealing $129,000 – Los Angeles Times
  • Con man-turned-pastor Barry Minkow accused of securities fraud – Washington Post
  • ACLU confronts Limestone County Schools over Bibles – WAFF
  • Policeman sues over orders to attend Islamic prayer – WorldNetDaily
  • Christian Headlines Blog [xml]

  • Editorial: Government Intervention Needed to Curb Religious Financial Fraud
  • An Overview of Religious Financial Fraud
  • Whistleblower Protections
  • Assemblies of God News [xml]

  • Consolidation Task Force calls for focus groups
  • SAGU Lady Lions team ministers at pregnancy center
  • This week in AG history — March 28, 1931
  • Baptist Press [xml]

  • Life threatened, Iranian believer finds refuge in U.S.
  • Japan relief effort making headway but still faces major obstacles
  • In Chile, used firefighter equip. a blessing
  • U.S. campus ministries sign unity agreement
  • Pastors not CEOs, Draper says at SWBTS
  • FIRST-PERSON: Carbon dioxide, a pollutant? Better hold your breath
  • Christian Newswire [xml]

  • Luis Palau Invited to Join with Believers in Vietnam for Historic Celebration
  • April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month
  • Presbyterian Writers Conference to Be Held at Louisville Seminary in May
  • Crabgrass and Oak Trees Paints a Unique Picture of Christianity
  • New U.N. Resolution on Religious Freedom Drops ‘Defamation’ Concept
  • Maryknoll Magazine Announces 2010 Student Essay Winners
  • Christian Post [xml]

  • Film: Christians, Gays, and Reconciliation
  • ‘Facebook Depression’ Affecting Teens, Report Says
  • Anti-Abortion Billboards Featuring Obama to Go Up in Chicago
  • Growing Sharia Finance in India a Boon or Bane?
  • Beyonce’s Father to Focus on Christian Music
  • Poll: Majority in Britain Still Christian
  • Christianity Today Magazine [xml]

  • The Vindication of Constantine
  • Quotation Marks
  • Why There Are Still Atheists
  • Should Congress Change Pastors’ Housing Allowances?
  • Satan’s a Goner
  • Creation Museum Founder Disinvited from Homeschooling Conferences
  • Christianity Today Politics [xml]

  • Poll Finds Religious Split in GOP Presidential Primaries
  • Chaplains Offered Exit Plan as Gay Training Starts
  • U.N. Passes Religious Freedom Resolution
  • Compass Direct News [xml]

  • Prospects Dim for Religious Freedom in Nepal
  • Two Indian Christians Languish in Saudi Prison
  • India’s Anti-Christian Violence in 2008 Linked to Terrorists
  • Christian in Bangladesh Goes to Prison for Evangelism
  • Forum 18 News Service [xml]

  • Russia: Will Duma approve “anti-Constitutional” religious literature restriction
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