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    DOJ Criticized for ‘Watered Down’ Prison Rape Rules


    The rules go into effect April 4, but several groups feel the standards are too weak to effectively prevent sexual assault among inmates.

    Updated 4 hours ago

    Is ‘American Exceptionalism’ Becoming Passé?


    A poll found that most believe the U.S. has a unique character that makes it the world’s greatest nation – and almost as many believe we’re at risk of losing that belief.

    Updated 4 hours ago

    Boy Home After Fighting Swine Flu for 480 Days


    At one point, little Robert “Boo” Maddox V  had to be put on life support. His hospital stay spanned two birthdays and 10 surgeries.

    Updated 6 hours ago

    Pentagon: Libya Mission Cost U.S. $550M so Far


    The Pentagon announced Tuesday that the financial cost to taxpayers for the mission in Libya has reached $550 million so far.

    Updated 6 hours ago

    House GOP Plans Phase Out of Fannie, Freddie


    Republican lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday plan to chip away at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Updated 6 hours ago

    Updated 8 hours ago

    Americans’ Tax Cuts Going into Gas Tanks


    High gas prices are draining consumers of the extra money they’re getting from the cut in Social Security taxes.

    Updated 8 hours ago

    Amazon Launches Online Media Storage Service

    Amazon.com wants to be more than a destination for shopping online – it also dreams of being a place where you can store your music, photos and videos and access them any time, from any computer.

    Updated 8 hours ago

    Syrian Cabinet Resigns as Protests Continue

    State television reports that the Syrian Cabinet has resigned and CBN News has learned the prime minister is expected to step down very soon.

    Updated 9 hours ago

    Cost Shift Seen in Raising Medicare Age to 67


    A new study on Medicare is revealing the difficulty in changing the current system.

    Updated 9 hours ago

    Israel’s Vice PM: Iran Exporting Terrorism


    The upsurge in attacks out of Gaza and the recent deadly bombing of a Jerusalem bus station were not coincidental, according Israel’s vice prime minister.

    Updated 9 hours ago

    Fight Over Wis. Union Law Heads to Court


    A Wisconsin court will hear arguments Tuesday over the controversial law eliminating collective bargaining for state workers

    Updated 10 hours ago

    Obama: U.S. Intervention Averted Libyan Massacre

    As long as Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is in power, President Obama warned the North African nation will remain a “dangerous place.”

    Updated 11 hours ago

    Japan on ‘Maximum Alert’ Over Nuke Crisis


    Highly toxic plutonium is seeping from Japan’s damaged Fukishima nuclear complex.

    Calif. Residents Watch Homes Slide Down Hill


    A week of heavy rain has caused mudslides in San Pablo, Calif., where several houses have slipped down storm-soaked hillsides and others may be at risk.

    Updated 7 hours ago

    IDF Opens Field Hospital in Japan

    A 52-member IDF medical team finished constructing a field hospital near the Japanese village of Minamisanriku Tuesday morning.

    Updated 7 hours ago

    EU Plans to Ban Cars from Cities by 2050

    The goal of the new transportation plan is to cut carbon emissions by 60 percent over the next 40 years.

    Updated 8 hours ago

    Wal-Mart: Gender Bias Suit Too Big


    Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, is set to go before the U.S. Supreme Court, Tuesday, over allegations the company discriminated against its female employees.

    Updated 8 hours ago

    NASA: Mars Rover, Phone Home After Yearlong Sleep


    The prospect of ever hearing from the stuck Mars rover Spirit is fading after it failed to respond to repeated calls from Earth.



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