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Yes! Jesus is Coming!

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In the Latter Days that we live in, we are told Knowledge would increase. In this the Last Generation before Jesus return; knowledge is happening so fast that only pieces of wisdom can be communicated and so much is happening too fast few take the time to verify facts; or “be there” for those who will err and makes mistakes.

“Saving a Soul is easy; living with it is Hard”

Jesus said His People are known by thier love; so while we cannot find many who will love His Body as we do; we do glean and share the best of Chrisitiantiy and the Heritage of God  providing the material and inspiration God has given to;

Prepare His People to Come Home

Yes! We are Going Home!

In none of the Authors presented is anyone without error or perfect religion or faith. All are men and women of God and as such are flawed. That is the gift God allows in us in our imperfections we perfectly fit each other if we find the Way, the Truth and the Life; which is Jesus. In Him our flaws; debates; differences and dissertations mean nothing, for in Him is everything.

We will help to prepare the Bride by giving her the freedom to be who she is, as she is in these Networks and words of the Men and Women of God. We will build and bless, encourage and exhort, pray and seek peace in the violent and violence of the age we live in.

We see our role as the Fringes on the Bottom of the Garment that adorns the Bride Jesus is coming for. We know we will at times cause some to turn away and even walk away and all I can say is God be with you and God Bless You for all we do is present these Networks for Learning.

Your relationship with Jesus is your own and your dynamic in God between you and Him.

Our function is to provide, we ask nothing in return.

If we do it well, it is enough.

Yes! Jesus is Coming!

(and for some of us, we just can’t wait) 


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