[The Classic Christian Network] Network Emails Upfdates

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

When the Operating System failed; the Back up failed; and cost was WAY over our budget; poor and broke; I asked:

Ok Lord. 

You got my attention.

It was during the Fast of Esther and Purim and like any good biblical story, 
God picked this time to NOT talk to me.


Gee…., my lucky wife.


New OS also revealed another issue; Monitor failed.

About this time I realized….,

You know Lord

I could quit….,

And still God was silent.


As the Network is being restored and I working thru all the issues to update and upgrade the Network to meet the people where they are at with what they might need from the Word of God and Jesus I realized why God was so quiet.


He was smiling. 




The Classic Christian Network is Crossing over to posting only

Classics of Christianity

Especially those featuting the Historical Records of Christianity.

We are also adding Email accounts to all the Networks for contact, but to sucbscribe you go to a web site or use you own RSS.

ALL the Subscriptions are going to be upgraded also


A Weekly Daily Schedule is being developed but there will be Daily at least one post from the Network Mon-Fri

With the Schedule of the next post on each posting






The Classic Christian Network



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