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 Wednesday, March 16, 2011   
Yom Tov
ערב טוב
Yom Tov in two words “Good Day” symbolize and embody the Scripture 
 “This is the Day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it”
Since God created the day from the night in genesis and called it good, it is possible He might have looked at the day dawning and said: “Yom Tov”
-Eben Micha’el Ya’akov ben Avraham-


Today in Jewish History Open All
  Maharal Meets Rudolph II (1592)    Less

Rabbi Judah ben Bezalel Lowe, known as the Maharal of Prague was famous among Jews and non-Jews alike. He was a mystic who was revered for his holiness and Torah scholarship, as well as his proficiency in mathematics, astronomy, and other sciences. Eventually, word of his greatness reached the ears of Emperor Rudolph II.

The Emperor invited the Maharal to his castle on February 23, 1592. There they conversed for one and a half hours, and developed a mutual respect for each other.

Rabbi Judah Lowe made use of his excellent connections with the Emperor, often intervening on behalf of his community when it was threatened by anti-Semitic attacks or oppression.

Link: Rabbi Judah Lowe of Prague, The Maharal


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