[The Classic Christian Network] My Prayer: "You"

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Prayer

Today I don’t want to interpret as much as I want to reflect
Help me to be a mirror of your will o God
Not to speak my own thoughts
Not to add my own opinion
Not to say my own

It really is all about you.

Stop me before I do anything you would not do
Refuse me from anything you would not have me to have
Take and make the way obstructed where you would not want me to go
For God today
if only for one day


I want to be with you

If after that God you can reflect off of me
If you can be you and only you in me
If you can do thru me what only you can do
Then God I ask
Do so today.

But if you can’t My father in heaven,
Remove me till you can.

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