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Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Last Call Devotions Network

“Legacy Posts”

The Devotional Network posts 12 to 20 posts as a “Legacy” or “Classic” Devotional format. These all are intended for the reader not to be guided to think good thoughts or set a mood for the day; but to Hear God Speak specifically to the individual. That is Why they are selectes and waht is expected of God by His Sholy Spirit to do for you as you read them. God can and often does choose to speak this way.


As such these “Legacy” Devotions are meant for you to converse with Him as you prepare to mee and greet each day as an opportunity to know God better and see Jesus more clearly.


*God Calling* *Streams in the Desert* *Daily Light* *Spurgeon* *My Utmost for His Highest* WoW The Big Picture* *One Year Bible Read* *Greg Laurie* *Raul Ries* *Charles Stanley* *Ray Stedman* * Bob Coy* 


          (The Devotional Network also posts 12 to 20 posts as a “Contemporary” or “Current” series listed in that memo)






Last Call Devotional Network


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