[The Classic Christian Network] LastGenReport: News From "The Posts"

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Your Digital News Flash”

LastGenReport: News From “The Posts”

News From 

“The Posts”

As an writer and publisher I take serious the overwhelming flood of propaganda we have to filter thru everyday from those we agree with and those we don’t. 

Both choosing techniques of fallacies and deceptive practices that are just plain morally and ethically wrong. It feeds the flesh and the ego and as such is horrible for the eventual effect it has on the soul and the mind of any Christian and every Human Being.


I can only try to give you a variety of somewhat screened news that should not be considered as fact, ever. It is always to be treated a “perspective” of what the person saw or heard or is reporting according to the “information” they have at the time; WHICH IS ALWAYS INCOMPLETE. 


In News, you only get a “part” of the full picture which takes time; research; and thoughtful presentation. I choose these carefully and I pray you read cautiously, it is only part of the “full story.”


Normally they will appear in most of the Networks at least 4 times or more from multiple sources.

The Last Generation Network News Report

(the other 4 sites should be on board Soon)


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