[The Classic Christian Network] God Help Me: "The Reason" by Michae…

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized



The Reason


God help me is my vent. It is where I blow off steam. It is the place and means I choose to stomp my feet, scream and shout about stick my thumb in mouth over and toss

sackcloth and ashes in and over the things of God and the world and its’ ways; sometimes people too.


Every Man of God wants to do this; from the Pastor to the Preacher, from the zealot to the saint; but in reality for me; God Help Me is an expectation stated for God and His

people to intervene in some way, because some how, God brought it to me that day, and there was NO WAY for me to do anything about it.


THAT is always my only vent I really have. God you do it because I cannot so in those days and means I cry out:


God help Me.


As do you,

as do we all.


That is the reason for this Feature

It might be daily,


God help me.


Who knows?



-Michael James Stone-


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