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It’s snowing in Japan

I don’t want to get into a techincal debate, a confrontational relationship, or even a question of accuracy, theology, diplomacy or hermaneutically sound homiletic. I could, I don’t want to. God help me but I want to talk about God. My God, my view, my way.


Today it is snowing in Japan. For me and my God, in my heart, in my thoughts and in my mind, snow is a “type” or sign of grace. That might only be FOR me and I frankly don’t care what it is for anyone else, TO ME it also a sign of answered prayer.


Yesterday, it seemed, the people of God had slept, IN MY MINDS EYES, while others were suffering and while some opportunist took umberance and audacity to call it a Judgment of God againt a Nation; I took exception to every person and do to this day that in MY Faith it was not God who was judging a nation, but using a opportunit; to examine the heart of a people before he returns and some literally have to run for thier lives; away from a livng God.


So I Cried out God Help me, and to date, I saw the Love of God and the Mercy of a Great King exercise his people to respond in kind with compassion and prayer for the people of Japan and the Nation as a whole. I thank every rememeberance of that selfless act; over the “wise men and women” who took misfortune as a chance to importunity share a “word from God.”


Here is my reply; 


Today it is Snowing in Japan.


Why is this a good thing? 


Besides for me a symbol of grace; even in a Crisis as the tsunami and earthquake is, coolant for a reactor isn’t met by snow and cold temps; but it doesn’t hurt now does it? 


Particulation cast into a cloud bank of falling snow while it may affect “food chain” and ground etc, it does circumvent massive distributive qualities of radiation particles. Funny we “use water” also to “wash down” cotamination. Odd how Dripping water in mine cave ins, snow and ice in lack of drinking water places often are used in desperation when No Water is seen. There can be many reason to see the bad in why snow is falling…, and of course many will tell you that.


Not me.


For me, Oh YEAH,

God help me;

but I will rejoice in the God of My Salvation who has not only heard my cry,

but the prayers of His people

and answered today

according to His Will and His Way.


It’s Snowing in Japan

and I am grinning from ear to ear.


-Michael James Stone-


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