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Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Last Call Devotions Network


The Last Call Devotions Network “Current” series posts 15 to 30 posts daily depending on time constraints.

In each of these God has chosen the Writer of the Devotional some specific or peculiar insight that express God in such a way that it draws the reader closer to Jesus and grasps a better understanding of God. Sometimes personal, sometimes scripture, all times relevant, each was selected because God at the time I needed to know to include or not, God spoke to me by His Spirit in the Post. That is why all of them are here, in each God has spoken to me.

*Biblical Leadership* *Mike MacIntosh* *Chick Cartoons* *Bob Caldwell* *Proverbs 31* *Alistair Begg* *Joyce Meyer* *Daily Hope* *A.W.Tozer* *Jon Courson* *Daily Names* *The Daily Walk* *Our Daily Bread* *Spurgeon* *Blackaby*





Last Call Devotional Network


Last Call Digest  Last Call Devotionals  Last Call Devotions  Last Call Journal


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