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Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized



I don’t understand why more isn’t said about Japan; and why more aren’t caring, praying, saying and talking about a tragedy we should be; we could be; we must be to concerned about. We are the ones God put here to make a difference; to have a solution; to share the answer to be the ones who would stand in the gap; when Japan is being driven to it’s knees.


Don’t give me a spiritual platitude or make me feel good worship tape unless you are feeling as though the fact is we just don’t given a damn and We as the body of Christ; care more about what the body of Christ wears in Scripture worship and praise then the wholesale tragedy that is occurring with people Jesus died for.


Pardon me for Exhortation Today; But WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT JAPAN?


I don’t care if your his hands and his feet or even his bank account.


I want to know


Are you His Heart?


Hey Prayer Chainer Spam maker; What about Japan?

Hey Scripture bot; bible app; How about Japanese children?

Hey Political Christian Trash Talk radio; Can we have equal time for God and his Love and Mercy for those who are dying?


Hey people

Can we Pray for Japan?


Or should we just tell that nation to Go to Hell

and forget what Jesus said.


IN as much as you’ve done it to the least……




-Michael James Stone-


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