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 Prophecy Q&A


Jack Kelley

Sunday March 13 2011


Signs Of The 70th Week

Q. Another prophecy site I visit believes we are in the 70th week. They say the ENP (European Neighborhood Policy) Confirmed the 1995 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Peace (fulfilling Daniel 9:27). What do You think of this?


A. Here are the signs that would tell us if we’re in the 70th week. We’ll set aside the rapture of the church because there are some who would dispute that. But there are several other certain signs that just about everyone agrees on.

One is that the world would have recently witnessed the miraculous victory of Israel over a coalition of very powerful enemies including Russia and Iran.

Another is that the Nation of Israel would have officially acknowledged God as their Lord.

Third, they would have at least begun building a Temple in Israel.

And fourth, a great peace maker would have recently come on the scene and astonished the world by bringing peace to the Middle East and perhaps other parts of the world currently at war as well.

All these signs would have to be present in order to confirm that the 70th Week of Daniel has begun.






Biblical Prophecy Today   Biblical Prophecy Today   Biblical Prophecy Today   Biblical Prophecy Today


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