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<Blog IT updates>

Saturday March 12th 2011


Slowly the “the Vine” a network of blogs; has been developing to present some of the best in Christian Materials for Study and Consideration.

As most sites have a “click it and see” philosophy; “the Vine” is always what you see is what you get. There are no ads or secret counters. No pop ups and no hidden agendas or sign ups. We try to purge those from contributing sites and if you go to them, they and you can participate in that.

We just want you to have the Word of God and the People of God as you seek Jesus.

In doing this, because ministries do want your participation with them; sometimes they change thier format and style so like all free minsitries, it takes time to adapt. If you notice ‘odd sized” graphics or one of our network locations jumbled; try another site location. We have for every post 5 separate formatted locations so every browser and digital device can access at least one of them; 1) Blooger (google) 2) Posterous 3) WordPress 4) Tumblr 5) Live Journal. With these 5 and we do hope to add two others, we want to have as diverse as multi-media sites and simple pict and text sites of the Wisdom of God that the Men and Women of God featured are brought to you as effectively as possible. Not only to enjoy, but learn of Jesus. That IS my hope.

I pray you might visit the Ministries, Ministers, and People featured that they might hear from you and if you choose; so support what they do how they do as they serve God. That is between You, God and them. We do not receive or give renumeration for anything posted.

“Freely we received; Free we give. If it costs we aren’t doing it”



 Slowly as you see at the bottom of this post; we are bring a standardized format to “the Vine” of Networked Blogs. Generally it appears like this:


Subject Header

Topic/ministry header

Topic material

Closing Header

Alternative site locations

This I hope to address our International readers and local Pod and smart phone apps readership. The Web is a wonderful resource if we know to use it. We address that in “the Vine” of Networked Blogs through these Topical posts present weekly/some daily:

1) Devotionals

2) Prophecy

3) Bible Studies

4) Videos

6) Christian Issues

7)Jewish Studies

8) News


At this time, postings are Mon-Fri till more is accomplished. There are concurrent series in each of these topics on going as worldwide there are people using the materials, gradually the posts are getting scheduled better and being assigned times and will have a regular time soon. Saturdays IT will be posted with those soon.

The goal 5 years ago was to have this Network of Blogs up and running by January 2012. 

At 65% of development, (smile) we are getting there, I think we’re on schedule, but frankly thats up to God (grin).

May God Bless you

He has me so I hope so for you.

-Michael James Stone-


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