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Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Raised in the Home of a General


At times we will meet a family who shared their personal story with us. Some of the most interesting individuals are those raised in a military family. I have observed that the majority of their children are well mannered, disciplined and can actually make some of the best church members when raised properly in the Lord by a strong father or mother in the U.S. military. This is because the discipline and codes of conduct each soldier is required to follow, becomes a lifestyle and not just an instruction.

I was not raised in the home of a U.S. military father, but I was raised in the home of a soldier. In my eyes and in the eyes of many, many others, he rose to the rank of a general in the Army of the Lord. This title is not to be taken lightly as to become a general it requires years of study, experience, discipline, leadership and most of all, victories in major battles. My Father, Fred Stone, has accomplished all of the above.

I was not raised in the home of a U.S. military father, but I was raised in the home of a soldier.

From childhood I observed his strict discipline in prayer and intercession, when he would spend literally hours in the heavenly command center, discovering the hidden strategies of Satan and brining to light by prayer the methods of defeating the adversary. He was also disciplined in study, as he would spend hours reading books, pouring over the Bible, learning to quote not just verses, but entire books from the New Testament.  Then there were the hated battles. These included intercession for the lost, prayer for healing for the sick, binding the powers of darkness over his family, and even confrontation with wolves in the flock.

He taught me, not by the reading of books, but by personal example.  I watched him when he prayed and began to imitate his methods.  I watched him as he moved in the gifts of the Spirit and learned how to hear from God myself. I observed his purity and love for his family and have tried to emulate his example.

Yes friends, a general in the Lord’s army has walked among us.  Now, as he retires to his permanent home in the city of the saints, it is time to raise up a new generation of generals…since the war is still going on! I Love you dad.





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