Because I grew up with the likes of Keith Green, Romaine, Tozer, J.Vernon McGee, My Utmost for His Highest for discipline in my life; and because I learned the tenements of my faith in Jesus from Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, Chuck Missler, Jon Courson, Raul Ries in person; I had the start of a rather eclectic like asa Beleiver much less a Jesus Freak.

In those days I grew up, as opposed to now, it often seemed as though we didn’t know what we are doing or how to do it compared to days we live in when we think we know everything about everyone and everything. We weren’t an Information Age, We were an Experietial Age and we often sought the experience over the intelligence of anything and everything and God was not an exception.

If we didn’t experience it; we didn’t beleive it.

Today people are  picking and choosing what they beleive by what they see and what they hear. Often this is a good way to begin to come into contact with God and learn about Who Jesus is and what he has done for you, as well as what God wants You To Do. Seeing is believeing; but it is not Faith. Hearing can cause Faith to grow, but not all hearing will cause a person to have Faith.

Faith comes from and is a gift of God delivered by the Holy Spirit as He brings alive that Which God has said and God has written excusively in His Word of God we call the Bible. It is our only source of Truth in a world that wants and choose to believe a lie. Tabloid Christianity will deceive many, Jesus will lead whosover will Hear His Voice and follow Him.




WEEKLY we will post a Teaching on how to know the difference IN INFORMATION about False Leads; False Stories; Filler; Innuendo, Slander, Gossip, Tabloid Journalism, Logic Bombs, Fallacies that a great majority of Christian sites are using to Attract attention to Get You to read them.

WEEKLY we will post a positive piece to reflect on and be glad in God you know the Truth and You are free from this Last Days plague on Truth.

DAILY we will warn and highlight the false……. in the hopes that the ministries using these satanic technique….will go back to the role and fucntion that made them great in the Lord and led them to serve in love and grace Jesus.


“I end this Introduction knowing full well I will fail in the enterprise to stand for Truth and what Jesus said to do; but knowing I will fail does not stop me from inspiring others to Follow Hard after God and Pray some may Choose a More Excellent Way then the world and its way of DISINFORMATION in and Age of Information and Last Days.”–Michael James Stone 8-28-2011



-The Classic Christian-

 Hell got bigger. Grace got Greater, and the world is heading for Hell in a handbasket. You really don’t want to go there. Unless you seriously don’t do something about it, You are Going to Hell. Hell was not made for you and you weren’t made for Hell.  It isn’t oblivion you are facing when you die, but absolute and total isolation. The absence of God since you are created by God will cause suffering you never imagined. It was never intended for you to go there. You are going in the wrong direction and admit it or not, Hell is waiting for you.

Jesus Said, I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life He that Believeth in Me shall never die.. We call it Salvation because it is. It is not going where you deserve to be, and that is Hell. Jesus said it, You Must Be Born Again. These are written so you can be assured God wants you in heaven, not hell.  “Call upon the Name of the Lord, and You Shall Be Saved”.

Reject them, pure and simple, You Go to hell.

It’s your call, it just might be your Last Call. —Michael James Stone